You Can’t Pin Down a Pin-up

solo exposition

These images are from my first solo exhibition ‘You Can’t Pin Down A Pin-up’. Two parts European modernism and one part c-word this exhibition questions both female identity and women’s roles within society. Incorporating humour, irony and a dash of popular culture the collection aims to raise questions about gender stereotypes and the various personas we take on as women in today’s society. Taking Pop-Art and comic book style as a point of departure the pieces give a cheeky wink and a nod to the past era of pin-up glamour, and feisty feminism that are not only nice on the eye, but that also give a gentle nudge to our preconceptions about female identity. Add into the mix a shake of graffiti, painting and hand sketching and the unlikely ensemble is complete. The exhibition inaugurated on March 10th 2011 at Baum Shop, C/ Seneca, Barcelona.

All images are available to purchase as high quality prints, please contact myself through the link below for more information, or visit Baum Shop at the above address. Larger graffiti pieces are also available for sale. Official fotos from the event will be posted shortly.

illustration, painting, graffiti, sketching, fashion illustration, visual humour